Server IP: Mode: Creative. Dynmap Latest update 2/6/2021 06:15

Changelog 2/6/2021


  • Installed DiscordSRV-Build-1.21.3 (not configured)
  • Changelog 2/5/2021

    Worldguard & Permissions

  • Added new rank "Builder" which is above member and can use WorldEdit commands
  • Added new command /builder [user] to apply the Builder rank
  • Changed the /default /guest /member /builder and /admin commands to be less likely to break people's permissions, and will also set gamemode between adventure/creative as appropriate (changes to commands effective next reboot).
  • Changelog 2/2/2021


  • Removed GWarp
  • Installed EssentialsX 2.19.0 (to replace GWarp and handle chats)
  • Installed EssentialsXChat
  • Installed EssentialsXSpawn
  • Installed Vault (database for plugins)
  • Installed CraftBook
  • Installed eBackup 1.1.3
  • WorldGuard & Permissions

  • Gave rank prefixes and chat colors to various ranks
  • Gave permissions to essentials.warp for [default], [guest], and [member] users.
  • Enabled backups to local and remote server every Sunday at 4 AM
  • General

  • Users can now set their own homes using /sethome or by sleeping in a bed
  • Set spawn to rules board coordinates
  • Minecarts will automatically generate upon right clicking a rail
  • Players will automatically enter minecarts upon touching them
  • Minecarts will disappear upon exit, and abandoned minecarts will disappear after 20 game ticks
  • Added the /spawn command to bring people back to spawn
  • Changelog 1/31/2021


  • Dynmap established
  • Re-established /minecart. Server start appears to wipe out commands.yml if it has a syntax error; investigating cause & using backups
  • Minecarts should now break when hitting a cactus

    WorldGuard & Permissions

  • Set weights to the following groups: Admin (1000), Member (500), Guest (100), Default (0). Default can walk around and not interact. Guest can walk around, warp, and not interact. Member can interact & summon minecarts. Admin can do anything
  • Removed all worldguard protections except for block placement
  • Added debug message for WG if it is causing actions to be stopped
  • New commands to set ranks: /default /guest /member /admin (usage: /[rank] [user])
  • Note: /time set [day:night:noon] should work for all users belonging to admin. Functionality can be extended to other ranks if desired
  • Changelog 1/30/2021


  • Installed GWarp
  • Installed worldedit-bukkit-7.2.2-dist
  • Installed CoreProtect-19.4
  • Installed LuckPerms-Bukkit-5.2.76
  • Installed worldguard-bukkit-7.0.4
  • WorldGuard & Permissions

  • Disabled certain actions globally (exceptions for admins only)
  • Created /minecart as alias to /summon minecart
  • List of installed plugins & versions:

    Vault(no version)